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“Unity Fest was amazing, I met friends and had a chilled and fun weekend in a beautiful location, everybody is so friendly.”

- NC, Lancashire 


I loved everything about Unity Fest and I can't wait to go again.

Voddy plans everything in immense detail: the location was perfect and she even got the weather right! The entertainment was outstanding. The singers took my breath away and the comedian made me laugh so hard - still makes me smile now. I had a ball wild water swimming, line dancing, doing zumba and dancing the night away.  

Best of all was the sense of freedom and togetherness. I've never experienced anything like it.

 If you are in two minds about whether to book yourself on Unity Fest, don't be. Just do it! 

- PL, West Midlands


The first of many festivals to come. Unity Fest …. You rocked…. 

Safe space offering a variety of singers workshops and comedy for everyone hoping you grow in unity together over the next few Years. 

Thank you 😊

- MB, West Yorkshire


Unity for me was everything it stood for. Uniting hundreds of woman of various ages and backgrounds to a festival led by woman with various acts and events by women.

It showed the support women gave others whom may of had a first camping trip, or just come out of a difficult situation.

It was pure love, respect & happiness and I’m proud to be apart of joining crew for unity 2022 🤗❤️🏳️‍🌈 

- EG , Manchester


We attended the 1st Unityfest in Nora (our campervan) it was one of the best festivals I have been too. The organisation was brilliant, and everything was planned out perfectly. 

Everyone was so friendly, you would never be alone or feel left out at this event. There was something for everybody and just the best atmosphere. I’ve not even mentioned the location… just wow is all I need to say.

- BD, Lancashire 


Unity Fest was our first RoadTrippers Event.

It was such a wonderful event, a chilled out, friendly atmosphere , surrounded by great characters.

- DDT, Essex


This was our first roadtrippers experience , and wow we loved it, we are a married couple 60 yrs old , we brought our young pup with us, and were made to feel so welcome everyone was super friendly and we made lots of new friends. Couldn’t have wished for a better crowd of women, the entertainment was spot on and location was perfect. Looking forward to the next event.

- GM


My first time with road trippers events and I can honestly say it has been the best women's festival I have been to in the uk. It was very well organized and laid out. The on site food  was excellent and reasonable priced. All the staff were friendly and very welcoming. Last but not least the acts were brilliant. Looking forward 2022.

- KB


Just to let you know what a fantastic time I had at unity fest what weekend we all had and its thanks to you and the team who gave us the opportunity to meet up again and meet  some newbies it gave me some chilling time away from work and home and we couldn't asked for better weather can't wait for next year one 

Keep the good work up see you soon 

Thanks again.

- KW, Manchester 


Amazing place wonderful women makes you remember what being a woman is all about!!!! Unity fest will go on forever 😍 Chris and Mac Kendal.


A friendly bunch of crazy women from all walks of life coming together with one common interest - women!! Amazing festival and long may it continue ❤️ 🌈 

Well done Voddy and the team 👍👍


- M & R


You feel completely comfortable and safe amongst like-minded people. And the catching up with old friends and making new was great!


I just wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed Beach Camp (as well as Unity Fest). It's been a long time since I felt I was truly amongst 'my tribe'.

Your format is perfect, 

thank you,

- CP, Scotland


What’s not to like, beautiful surroundings, brilliant women great entertainment and new friends made 😁

- EH, Edinburgh


It was the first big event we’d been on with Roadtrippers, so many lovely people, the organising and volunteers were brilliant, very inclusive for couples or singles, very safe, wonderful atmosphere, chilled, party games, great fun, been to many events but this was up there with the best of times, highly recommended. ❤️ 

Thanks again, until next time.

- JW & JV, Durham


Fabulous festival, relaxed vibe, great varied entertainment,friendly and helpful crew.

- GB, West Yorks 


This was my first ever lesbian festival experience, in fact it was the first time I'd ever attended any festival. 

I was pretty nervous and unsure as to what to expect but I can honestly say, that it was one of the best times I've ever had. Everybody was so friendly, welcoming and helpful and the camaraderie amongst everyone was something I'd never experienced before. It was a truly wonderful experience, even if attending on your own because simply put, we were one big happy family and I can't wait for next year.

- AP, Liverpool.


UnityFest was my first ever weekend of this kind and I had the time of my life. Everyone was so helpful and I have made a whole bunch of friends.

- HM, Scotland 


Unity Fest 2021. What an experience !   Cant wait for 2022. Congratulations to the team for putting on such a great event. Thank you.



I had no idea how much I needed Unity Fest. A field full of women camping, all friendly, helpful and chilled, all supporting each other and making new friends - it was a very necessary breath of fresh air! 

It was managed beautifully and Voddy and the crew did an amazing job. I've genuinely never been to a festival that was so inclusive, so welcoming, and so devoid of any tension. The acts and workshops were all incredible, and it was run so that people who were worried about covid were able to maintain distancing very easily without feeling left out. 

My first Roadtrippers event, and definitely not my last - thank you for providing a safe and fun space where we can just be exactly who we are - and breeeeeathe. 

- Ros


Fantastic  Festival for all ages. Very friendly and welcoming and a feeling of belonging. Highly recommend.

- TS, Manchester


It’s was our 1st time to one of your events. Nerves soon settled. From the moment we arrived we were made to feel welcome and soon relaxed. Every one was so friendly. From start to finish, it was a great atmosphere, laughing, dancing, singing. There was something for everyone. A massive thanks ‘Voddy’, this wouldn’t have been the experience it was without you and such a great team.  


- J & J

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